“The Green Business Lab is actually a microcosm of what students are going to experience in real life.”

AL GONZALEZ - Founding Partner,
GIVE Leadership Institute


10 Reasons to use The Green Business Lab


Easy to use. A clear, detailed instructor dashboard enables you to monitor individual and team progress.

GE participants discussing the options

GE participants discussing the options

 Tailored learning. Choose from a menu of features to create an experience that fits your organization and learning objectives.


 Easy to grade. Whether you want to determine who won or to assign a grade, our customizable scoring tool puts you in control.


 Flexible format. The Lab fits into classroom, online or blended learning formats and the intensity of activity and decisions can be dialed up or down to accommodate undergraduates to executives.


 Fresh Topics. The Lab’s unique design makes it easy to add current events, the latest research or expert opinions in real time.


Real-time stakeholder involvement. Participants engage in real time with internal Lab stakeholders – employees, The Board, investors, NGOs and government representatives via an internal email application.


 Physical product. In a world that is increasingly virtual, participants appreciate the opportunity to design and build a physical product that engages them more actively than if they were working with an abstract product.


 It’s scalable. The Lab can be used with groups as small as 15 and as large as several hundred.


Seeing the big picture. Lab Executive Teams are made up of people playing functional roles so that participants experience the broader implications of company decisions.


 Relevant Content. Environmental and social issues continue to be pressing challenges for business in a world of increasing physical constraints and accountability.