“The Green Business Lab is actually a microcosm of what students are going to experience in real life.”

AL GONZALEZ, Founding Partner, GIVE Leadership Institute











10 Reasons to Use our Sustainable Business Simulation


Easy to use. The Lab fits into new or existing courses. And Green Business Lab instructors deliver the Lab with you so you decide your level of involvement.

GE participants discussing the options

GE participants discussing the options

 Tailored learning. Our instructors emphasize your course learning objectives and work real-time with individual participants giving feedback or coaching.


 Easy to grade. The Lab has all the tools to easily put together a grading rubric that fits your learning objectives based on quizzes, company progress reports, debrief questions, team effectiveness surveys and company presentations.


 Flexible format. We offer classroom, virtual or blended formats that fit into your schedule. And we can adapt Lab lessons to suit undergraduate, MBA or corporate business programs, as well as, Engineering and Interdisciplinary courses.


 Engaged participants. Participants love the competitive fun coupled with realistic, relevant lessons. They get hooked by the pace and compete for success.


Fresh, updated topics. The Lab’s unique design makes it easy to update in order to stay current. For example, instructors or participants may add to the application web-links to relevant research, headlines, and expert opinions. Or stakeholder comments may include the day’s news. And quizzes, surveys and assignments may be added while the Lab is in progress.


 Real-time stakeholder involvement. Participants engage real-time with stakeholders via an internal email application and meet directly with the Board of Directors


 Connecting the dots. Because members of the executive team have different roles and information, students observe how issues cut across the company and this helps them to connect the dots between different disciplines.


 Physical product. Companies design and manufacture a physical product that engages them more actively than if they were making decisions in an application with an imagined product alone.


It’s scalable. The Lab can be used with classes as small as 15 participants or as large as several hundred.