Develop business acumen with triple bottom line metrics

Robust simulation

for an important topic

Discover the power of

of experiential learning with a

team-based business simulation

Learn innovative

green business solutions

“The Green Business Lab teaches all the things other business simulations teach and adds sustainability to it. And it does this in an integrative and smart way. Plus, it is fun. The students love it. They have a blast with it!"
Professor Andrea Tangari, Wayne State University

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The Green Business Lab is a team-based experiential learning simulation.  It teaches triple bottom line business strategies using a web-based application.
Participants of the Lab:  
  • Learn about sustainable best practices while practicing essential business skills.
  • Problem-solve with ideas drawn from multiple industries and real-world examples.
  • Realize how leadership decisions affect functional areas of a company in order to create integrated solutions.
  • Practice working with stakeholders to create shared value for the firm and society.
  • Improve team and communication skills by working with colleagues on a complex, nuanced topic.
  • Practice creativity by proposing new ideas, as well as, making decisions from pre-defined choices.